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“Part of the allure of eating Oreos, i realized, lies in eating them quickly, one after the other. a single cookie doesn’t have quite the same cachet,”

—   Fat Like Me, Elle Magazine (October, 2014)
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“What is contentment? the poet Donald Hall asks in his memoir, Life Work. Contentment, he tells us, is absorbed-ness. It is “work so engrossing that you do not know that you are working.””

—   Kathryn Ma in More Magazine September Issue “Mending a broken promise”

“If you’re like me, there are regrets you hold on to, both small and large. We wish we had chosen more wisely, acted more kindly or with great courage.”

—   Kathryn Ma in More Magazine’s September Issue “Mending a broken promise”
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There is something very beautiful about the muselet (the wire cage and cap that fits over the cork of a bottle of #champagne) on champagne vilmart et cie bottles #cheers @elaineyyu
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